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Syntra-Shield is the most complete, potent, and synergistic blend of antioxidants ever developed. This broad spectrum approach to antioxidant protection is further enhanced by the Syntra-Shield Enzyme Delivery Package (EDP) 1520. EDP 1520 is a proprietary enzyme delivery formula designed to provide maximum bioavailability for the unique blend of antioxidants found in Syntra-Shield. No matter how potentially active a vitamin or phytochemical is, its activity is useless unless it can be delivered to the proper receptor sites in the body. EDP 1520 insures that ability.


Scientific research confirms the ability Syntra-Shield OPC's to neutralize free radicals and to help conserve and regenerate vitamins C and E. In fact, OPC's are believed to neutralize free radicals 20 to 50 times better than vitamins C and E!!! OPC's also strengthen capillary walls by making elastin and collagen fibers more resistant to destruction from free radicals. The medical application of this activity alone is responsible for countless health benefits.

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC's) are a sub-group of natural compounds (Pycnogenol® being one of the more well known) that belong to the family of over 20,000 different natural bioflavonoids. They're often associated in nature with vitamin C and have been isolated from many natural foods such as: apples, quinces, cherries, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, sorghum, strawberries, beans, hops, and rose hips. The most concentrated natural sources of OPC's are found in grape seeds. OPC's are water soluble and destroyed or discarded during cooking, making it necessary for daily supplementation to provide adequate levels in the body.

Syntra-Shield contains the optimal amount of the following antioxidants:
Bilberry, Coenzyme Q10, Garlic, Ginkgo Green Tea, Lycopene, Milk Thistle, Quercetin


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